The ability to monitor where a product is going, where it has been and where is right now. As a result of serialization, the door for real traceability at item level across the entire supply chain is open: from manufacturer to final consumer. Companies are implementing traceability not only from a compliance point of view (e.g. pedigree) but more importantly to reduce inventories, create better insights in customer demands, and optimize sales and delivery processes. Also for potential recalls, focus can be placed on the affected products rather than large batches or lots. In our capability model, Traceability (Track & Trace) is positioned as the connection point between Product Integrity and Supply Chain: not only ensuring product integrity but also opening supply chain visibility at the item level.

Examples of questions to be solved

  • What are we doing today in terms of supply chain visibility? What should we do in the future? What is our position and what does this mean for our business?
  • How should we approach this in terms of organization, planning, funding, priorities, scope and communication?
  • What is the difference between track & trace, e-pedigree, serialization, authentication and aggregation?
  • What are the regulations requiring in the markets we supply? By when? What data and events should we track?
  • Are there business drivers besides compliance? What value do they bring?
  • What is our strategy at global level, plant level and line level? Which detailed requirements can we expect at each level?
  • What are the key vendors in this market? How are they positioned?
  • Should we use MES or SAP for this? What about global batch traceability?
  • Which reports are valuable for us to facilitate traceability?

Envision full supply chain visibility from raw material suppliers up to final customers. Entire supply chain networks are linked across all your product markets. Continuously optimizing supply chain efficiency on real data becomes reality and reshapes our current delivery models. Secure and fast recalls in case required. Counterfeits, thefts and over-runs are difficult and flagged quickly. Diversion becomes much more visible.

4X offers Business, Technology and Regulatory services

  • Strategy & tactics
  • Business case & feasibility
  • Concepts & requirements visioning
  • Process optimization & harmonization
  • GS1 data management
  • Vendor evaluation & selections
  • System integrations & architecture
  • Project implementations from A to Z
  • Regulatory guidance & education
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