Assigning a unique number to a product item. In many industries, regional and national regulatory organizations are mandating products to be serialized at the different packaging levels. This must be done within the next few years to stay eligible for sale in their markets. Also in less stringent industries, companies are investing in serialization to leverage from the significant business benefits itemized serialization brings to their organization and their customers. We are embarking a new era.

Examples of questions to be solved

  • What value could serialization bring to our business? Are there any business drivers beyond compliance?
  • How are we addressing serialization today and how should we do this in the future? What are other companies in the industry doing? What can we learn from previous implementations?
  • How to approach serialization programs in terms of organization, planning, priorities, funding and scope? How should we organize for success?
  • What are the national regulations requiring in the markets we supply? Which procedures? What data to print? At which levels? Which records? By when?
  • What do we need to have in place for assigning serial numbers? Do we need GLNs for our locations? Do we need to implement aggregation functions?
  • What is our strategy and direction at global, plant and line level? How should we approach this at each level?
  • How to integrate with our supply chain partners? Which business events should we capture? How should we configure SAP AII and SAP OER?
  • What about external manufacturers and distributors? What data should we share with our customers and partners?
  • Which serialization requirements should be supported in which systems? How to integrate with our existing systems such as ERP, MES and LIMS?
  • What are the key software suppliers in the market? Pro’s and con’s? How to select?
  • How to integrate at enterprise and equipment level? Using SAP or another technology?

Envision a situation beyond compliance whereby companies and customers across the globe have embraced GS1 standardization. Serialization is not only implemented at item, pallet and all intermediate packaging levels, but also used to enhance customer experiences and create close relationships. The serialization loops are closed and completed from lines to global industry level. Counterfeiting is difficult and quickly identified. Cross-sector collaboration is initiated and is creating new opportunities between non-competitive market players. Our ultimate mission.

4X offers Business, Technology and Regulatory services

  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Business Case & Feasibility
  • Concepts & Requirements Visioning
  • Process Optimization & Harmonization
  • GS1 Data Management (GTIN, GLN, etc)
  • Vendor Evaluation & Selections
  • System Integrations & Architecture
  • System Implementations from A to Z
  • Regulatory Guidance & Education
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