Labeling or packaging, a significant and often first interaction point with your consumer. Information on immediate containers, outer packaging and shipping labels, but also package inserts and client information sheets; all having significant roles in ensuring product integrity. Integration of 2D barcodes is just a first step of many more trends to follow. Sealed labels and recognition through optically variable devices and other authorization techniques are needed to further optimize product integrity. RFID still to be introduced over the next decade. Opportunities are created to enhance customer experience while labels are reshaped to protect products.

Examples of questions to be solved

  • What are new labeling directions in our industry? Which techniques proof to be successful and bring the most business value?
  • What should we do for our product portfolio over the next 10 years? Where should we start? What are the fast benefits we can realize?
  • How should we approach this in terms of organization, planning, funding, priorities, scope and communication to our customers?
  • What is the regulatory impact of our label changes?
  • How to integrate RFID technology into our manufacturing and logistics processes? What are reading distances, choice of frequencies, and where to deploy readers and tags? At which packaging level to implement RFID?
  • What are the experiences from other industries?
  • How to integrate security and moderate enhanced customer experiences into labeling?
  • How to manage labeling of combination products in our distribution centre?
  • How to stay efficient with our new labeling strategy?
  • How to get collaboration of re-packagers in foreign countries?

Envision a world where 2D labels and RFID co-exist and are integrated at the different packaging levels of a product. Labeling helps to confirm automatic authentication at various points in the supply chain. Consumers are asking to authenticate as it both ensures safety and provides a new experience with more product value. Through new labeling strategies, supply chains gain efficiency. Label tampering is recognized by consumers when authenticating their products.

4X offers Business, Technology and Regulatory services

  • Strategy & tactics
  • Business case & feasibility
  • Labeling and artwork advice
  • Regulatory guidance & education
  • Process optimization & harmonization
  • Vendor evaluation & selections
  • Project implementations from A to Z
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