Turn data into business intelligence. A massive amount of data is generated during supply chain execution. Data will soon start to grow at “terra byte” speed: in one direction driven by item serialization, in another direction driven by the ongoing globalization and supply chain complexity. Many services companies provide reporting and business intelligence services. You need to go a step beyond and leverage the data into strategic decisions in areas such as sales effectiveness, brand protection, direct to consumer marketing, supply chain optimization and regulatory reporting. We know which reports you need.

Examples of questions to be solved

  • What data is generated today and tomorrow as a result of our enhanced product integrity and supply chain strategy?
  • Products are bar coded, activities are tracked, supply chain security has been improved, and customers are authenticating our products. What is the impact of these business events and what information does it bring?
  • What can our organization do with this data? To which business areas should we leverage this? Who are our internal customers?
  • How could we help our business partners to use this information? How and when should we initiate data sharing contracts?
  • Which reports should we generate to enable strategic decisions at the various levels in our company?
  • Should we build this reporting capability internally or outsource to a business partner? How can this help me in improving our business?
  • What is the impact of new reports on my organization? How can we stay efficient and still use the value of this information?

Envision a global dashboard telling your management teams how to reach more effective sales and where to enhance supply chain processes. Not only the data is available, but it is turned in strategic scenarios for your management’s evaluation. Parallel trade flows but also diversions are highlighted; delivery channels are redefined to optimize the risks and costs of your current supply chain model. Tailored direct-to-consumer models are discussed and evaluated using predefined data maps. Not only the data evidence but also the tactics for making a difference are made available.

4X offers Business, Technology and Regulatory services

  • Strategy & tactics
  • Business case & feasibility
  • Concepts & requirements visioning
  • Process optimization & harmonization
  • System integrations & architecture
  • Project implementations from A to Z
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