Keeping your supply chain efficient. And leveraging new processes and technologies to make it more efficient. The impact of serialization, authentication, enhanced labeling, securing up supply chains, and detailed traceability capabilities, all have a significant impact on your current supply chain processes. Plant operations, distribution centers and many other intermediate channels in the chain are affected and struggle with staying efficient under current’s economical pressures. You need to ensure efficiency in this new environment and turn these changes into competitive advantages.

Examples of questions to be solved

  • What impact will serialization, new labeling and traceability create on our company’s supply chain? Will efficiency be at risk?
  • How can we still efficiently manage combined customer orders when serialization and traceability capabilities are deployed? How should we combine serialized and non-serialized products?
  • How should we reshape our supply chain to fully explore item visibility?
  • Do we have to switch to RFID technology now or should we still wait?
  • What is the impact of the manufacturing and distribution changes with respect to supply chain visibility?
  • How to approach and handle our external distributors? How to get better collaboration from wholesalers? How to reach our consumers directly?
  • Should we implement aggregation technology even if it is not required by regulatory agencies at this moment?
  • Which GS1 standards to implement? How and at which levels?
  • How to optimize our systems to reflect these new processes?

Envision a world whereby all you supply chain partners have leveraged serial product know-how and capabilities amongst each other in order to implement more efficient business processes. Supply chains are made more efficient; costs and risks are reduced. Benefits of reshaped environments are realized with trading partners and ultimate lead to a better customer price-quality balance. Products arrive at your consumers faster and more efficient than ever before.

4X offers Business, Technology and Regulatory services

  • Strategy & tactics
  • Business case & feasibility
  • Concepts & requirements visioning
  • Process optimization & harmonization
  • System integrations & architecture
  • Project implementations from A to Z
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